Why I Started my Blog?


In high school, I dreamed of being the next Stephanie Meyers (told my age). I’d write a book, build a following, turn it into a movie, and become an overnight success.

I know now, there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Even a musical prodigy needs to practice a piece before performing it. Overnight successes are individuals who worked hard behind the scenes in order to develop their skills, talents, or gifts. I’m not an overnight success, but I know where I can start.

I’ve listed the three reasons why I started a blog:

  1. I write more than I sleep. When I go to work at the day-job, I daydream about writing. When I’m in traffic, I think about dialogue for one of my characters. Writing is a part of my life, and I’m not willing to ignore it. So, I write.
  2. I need to expand my bubble. No one in my family is a “creative type”. I can’t have a brilliant conversation about my plot about parasitic lifeforms from another planet living among us, with my younger brother. He just doesn’t get it. So, I know I need to grow my bubble, possibly pop it, and find people who do get it.
  3. Writing comes easy, sort of. As I mentioned, in high school, I wanted to be a novelist. Everything I did in school, however said otherwise. It all came to a head when I failed a chemistry test after studying for two weeks and then cramming for twenty-four hours. And yet, I wrote my English Honors paper in under an hour, and received an A+ with extra credit.

 Writing this blog is a project and a journey. I learned so much in only a couple of weeks. I thought about shutting-down my passion project before writing this article. But, I won’t. I can’t go through life avoiding this part of it. I’ll keep at it, until my journey’s over.

Let me know what you’ve done, to show those who matter, what you’re passionate about. Or if you’d like to find out more about my blog here.


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