How to Fall in Love with Writing Again?



“You can’t be a writer, no one pays for writing. No one reads anymore.”

It was the last words my mother said after a long drawn out argument about whether or not, I should apply to my dream school and take up creative writing. I thought of those very same words, that are quoted above, when I threw away my books on writing styles, fiction tips, and a signed copy of a grammar book from a local college professor turned author. I gave up on the last dream I had since I was in elementary school. I couldn’t go to Harvard, my dream of becoming a physicist was tossed out the window, and hopes of working for home at my old job, also gone.

So, I kicked my last dream of writing, because my mother was right, no one reads. And, no one writes anymore. At least, I thought I gave up on writing. The bug bit me soon after I got fired from the job that was draining me of my soul and ironically the funds out of my bank account, thanks to crummy pay. I glanced over my old blog posts and realized, hmm… this doesn’t suck too bad.

I told myself no more hiding my skills. I need to write. I need to let the world know who I am. I need to prove that writing can be profitable, even if you have to work full-time just to put words on the table (see what I did there, wink).

I knew regaining my love for writing is like being in a real relationship, and I already failed at one of those. But, the best thing about failing is that you recover with tips and tricks you didn’t know exist. So, here’s how I fell back in love with writing:

I Got Laid Off:

Until recently, I didn’t know that you could work yourself out of a job. But, I did, I worked until I started to hate life. So, my ex-boss did the next best thing and shoot this old, limping mare. Next thing, I know, I had a month worth of freetime, a paid vacation, to free-write and read books. By freeing up my brain for more important things. I discovered my love for writing, and the fact that I didn’t want to do it for the money. But, for the love of words.

I Took a Class:

Currently taking a nice, somewhat inexpensive class, known as Tribe Writers, created by Jeff Goins. I know what you’re thinking, this post must be one of those affiliate ads. Actually, it’s not. I never even spoke to the guy, I highly doubt he’ll even see this blog. Anyway, I needed to do something that felt structured, and gave me a target so to speak. My brain is attracted to education. I needed to take the class so that I can have motivation and accountability

Mo Money No Writing Problems:

My new employer allows me to focus on writing. My day job pays good, I have health care, and now that some of my Maslow needs like the ones listed in are being taken care of. I can focus on creating, and finding myself. I can’t say I don’t wish to sit outside, sipping peppermint tea, starting on my latest draft in a multi-million dollar series, but I know that creating is easier to do when you have lights, A/C, and basic technology.

Speaking of Technology:

I finally repaired my laptop. I’m not joking about being a writer. I have to do this, my life depends on it. So, I got my laptop fix.

My reasons for falling back in love with writing isn’t limited to the above. I could create a blog post a day about why I love writing…. That sounds like an interesting plan. In fact, I’ll write another post tomorrow, and hopefully my love will grow stronger.



  1. […] You’re not going to love writing every day. Sometimes, you’ll loathe it. Especially when you’re experiencing writer’s block, doubts, rejections, or a lack of comments for a superb blog post. You may question your love for writing. But, that doesn’t mean, you’re not devoted. Sometimes, it’s good to reflect on why you write. Take a break, breaks are healthy. Just don’t give up on your love. […]


  2. This one hit home. I’m retired now, so i have plenty of time to devote to my favorite pastime. I joined a writers group and take whatever classes i can find at the local J.C. Rejections are a drag but, this drive to create just won’t go away. I agree with the person who talked about taking breaks . Hopefully, (fingers crossed) my first story will find its way to the public.

    Keep going, do what you love. Forget the money, if it comes great, but create what comes from your heart.


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    • Thank you C. S. Perry for commenting! Your words are inspiring. It’s great that you take classes to keep the creative juices flowing. Writing is like breathing, we can’t stop! Keep at it. Your stories will find their homes. And, I’ll do the same, too. 😀


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