Your Passion Like Money Doesn’t Always Make You Happy, and That’s Okay


Money makes the world go round. If you have enough money, you can take care of your basic needs, your family, and so on.

But, then there’s following your




and so on. It’s nice. It feels right. Until it doesn’t. One morning, you’ll wake up wondering: what am I doing with my life?

Sure, you’ve written on your blog everyday. You have a loyal audience of readers. You have authority. And, you have over 1000+ email subscribers.

And, yet…, you squirm in your chair. You start to feel uneasy. Your fingers aren’t tapping on the keys fast enough. You’re not feeling it anymore.

No! It can’t be. It is…., *gasp* you’re unhappy.

What’s happened to your happiness? What went wrong? You were doing great, yesterday. You were on top of the world. You were Mark Zuckerberg meets Steve Jobs!

Why do you feel so empty?

Is what you’re doing really making a change in the world?

Have you found your true calling?

Are you happy with this sudden (or long-awaited) success?

The above are probably questions you ask yourself every day. Especially after you’ve “made it” (or in the process of making it). It’s a good idea not to allow these questions to stop you from moving forward with your goals, or make all your hard work feel like vanity.

You did something big.

You proved someone in the world wrong.

You are a somebody.

Just because you’re not happy every second of every minute, doesn’t mean you’re not doing what you were meant to do.

You’re just doing what most humans do:

Reflect, Doubt, Complain, and Rethink things. It’s normal.

For example, you probably know a “happy baby”. What if the kid starts crying out of the blue? Does that mean the baby is suddenly worthless, demented, or a loser?

Uh, no.

So why would you feel that way about yourself? You’re not unworthy.

Some successful or moderately successful people feel the need to cover up their emptiness by using fame or amassing wealth. When, honestly, they shifted from their original purpose.

And, it feels weird not following the same course you started on.

Guess what? That’s okay, it’s expected. Goals are meant to be achieved. And, as you fulfill more dreams, your passion grows.

So don’t throw away your future just, yet. There are things you can do to fix that emptiness. Something as simple as being grateful can improve things.

When you see all the good in your life. It’s easy to forget the bad.

So, why not do the opposite when all the bad starts entering your life.

Focus on the good.

How can you do that?

Find a moment or put aside time in the day to show gratitude.

Share your feelings in silence. Better to do so without the world’s opinions.

If you pray, do that.

If you chant mantras, do that.

But, give yourself a sliver of time a day to stop, reflect, and be gracious.

Thanks for the grub. Thanks for the blog. Thanks for the readers. Thanks for the oxygen. Thanks for the safety I have while sleeping.

You don’t need to be thankful once a year. Do it all the time!

I’m going to follow my own advice!

I’ll just show my gratefulness just this one time on my blog (but continue to do so in the future):

Thank you followers, readers, and people who haven’t discovered me yet. You’re much appreciated!

Share this post with someone, if you think they’re having a tough day. I was thinking of a friend when I wrote this. I hope it helps your friend in the long run 😀




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