When Other’s Success is Your Anguish


You know very successful people.

They are all around you. Filling your inbox with emails about their successes. Making you feel less than, by explaining their “coming to wealth” stories. And, while these individuals aren’t targeting you in a negative way. In fact, they only want to help and make you join their ranks. Your mind tells you otherwise.

You feel inadequate, and you question everything you’re doing. You haven’t produced that novel, even though it’s partially edited. You haven’t marketed your blog. Readers are coming to your site, but they’re not subscribing. You feel like a boxer who’s missing every hit.

The biggest blow to your mood is when you see someone else succeeding at what you do. And they are killing it! It’s the ultimate envy. You become a monster, green-eyed, and negative. You don’t want to open up anymore emails. You dodge blogs. You hide posts. And act as if that “successful” person doesn’t exist.

But, realize this, there’s different levels, categories, and even stages of success. The “successful” people have tiers many never scrape. Think about it in terms of money.

An individual may have a million dollars. In the eyes of a broke man, they’re freaking rich! Then, there’s the multi-millionaires. All of a sudden, a million dollars is a literal drop in the bucket.

Life Majors know that no matter where you are in life, success is based on whatever ideas you may have come up with. If you think you need to make a million dollars, have a million followers, or write a million blog posts, then that’s your idea of success. You need to build your own guide to success, stand by it, and work towards it.

My idea of success is small…

I want to write one meaningful thing once every couple of days and post it. That means, plotting while working my day job, write after dinner, and edit before bedtime.

I wake up the next day feeling uneasy, knowing that my scheduled post probably won’t receive very many readers. But, it’s not the end of the world.

In the past, before I took writing seriously. I’d get moody anytime a blogger, author, writer, fan-fiction writer, and so on produced something that gained accolades. My skin boiled with anger. But, then I’d remember, my day will come.

I’ll be successful. I don’t need to allow other people’s success to cause me anguish.

I just need to work hard and do good work.

You do the same, too.

via Daily Prompt: Moody