Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Until You Read This!


I almost gave up on this blog. Here’s the key: almost.

Yes, I know.  Giving up on something this new is pitiful, especially this early in the game. It’s also a test of my resilience and my promise to be consistent.

Instead of quitting,  I took a brief hiatus, and visited family in South Carolina to clear my mind.

It was long overdue.

During that week away, I asked myself this question: How do you feel when you might quit a passion or dream because you don’t see success?

As Life Majors you may not be attending college anymore. You’re not graded with gold stars and award ceremonies. What’s keeping you from quitting and living a complacent life?

If you’re stuck in a rut, consider returning to the basics. Even if the basics are only a month old.

Why do we quit when we could be at the cusp of something great?

It boils down to three things: fear, doubt, and loneliness. These aren’t new ideas. There are thousands of posts, books, and television shows about them.

But, here’s the skinny:

Fear and doubt is self-explanatory. Everyone becomes afraid of failing or “looking” stupid many times in their lifetime. This fear leads to you doubting everything. Does it matter? Do your peers even care about this cause that is important to you?

The loneliness is overlooked. Thanks to social media, it does a good job at hiding it. But you know it’s there. This is where self-motivation is key. No one is going to sit behind you and say, great job! You’ve got to do it on your own.

Keep moving forward. Don’t get stuck! Power comes from completing your work whatever it may be. Produce greatness regardless of anything.

Keep writing. Keep working on your projects. Keep on keeping on.

Something as small as changing your goals to make them attainable can help you. Once a goal is accomplished, raise that bar, and keep at it.

One other tidbit, no one likes the instant gratification seeker.

My elementary school teacher read us a story about a kid who wanted to be first. Whatever someone offered, he instantly received. He messed up at the end, and ended up getting something he never wanted. Don’t be that guy/gal.

Be patient. Don’t quit.



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