10 Excellent Reasons Writing Fiction is Great for Your Brain


Hello Fellow Life Majors,

You’re probably confused. This is a blog about avoiding college and blogging right?

Silly mortal, have you not read the welcome page? I am a fiction writer by heart, but non-fiction seems to be in my blood too.

In all seriousness, I am a writer either way. And, there’s not a big difference between writing a novel about an alien who eats people and creating a blog post about skipping college. At the end of the day, someone’s going to be entertained, informed, or both.

Anyway, I love writing fiction, almost more than reading it. There’s so many possibilities. The characters, plots, stories, genres, and so on, gives you endless time to spend being creative.

Here I’ll explain why writing fiction is the best for my fellow right- and left-brained individuals.:

  1. You can share your problems without through the art of storytelling, and possibly share the solutions.
  2. Creating worlds gives you a chance to explore your own world; inspiration has to come from somewhere, right?
  3. Your characters become your family, enemies, friends, and/or sometimes your date for the evening.
  4. Once you’re bitten by the fiction bug, everything in your life becomes a story waiting to be written.
  5. You don’t have to fact check whether the blurbal fruit on Planet TG45 is green or yellow. It’s a new color called klintag.
  6. Your readers wonder if you’ve ever done the amazing things you write about, and that’s either a good or a bad thing, (depends on the genre).
  7. Through words, you can try everything you’ve ever wanted to do.
  8. You’re a creator! Use your powers wisely.
  9. You discover things about yourself that you never knew existed.
  10. It’s a great feeling to stick two ideas together that you would’ve never thought would work.

As I mentioned before, I write fiction. And, when my works-in-progress become ready for public viewing, I want to share it with a select few.

If you’re interested in reading my work, whether as a beta reader, proofreader, editor, or a critic (I use the word loosely).

All you have to do is let me know in the comments below that you’re interested. I really want to know what others thinks of my work.

Bonus!!! I have a non-fiction book in the works called The Life Major Way, A Manifesto it’s coming out early 2017. I have a special post about that book-to-be that can only be viewed by joining The Life Major Exclusive email list. By signing up, you’ll get a number of other perks, and possibly an opportunity to join my book launch team. Sign Up Here. 



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