5 Keys to Succeeding this Year without a New Year’s Resolution


Google: “No New Year’s Resolution” and you’ll see why this post is not unique. I’m not with the resolution hype anyway. I don’t make them.

A resolution is an attempt to talk yourself into making changes. In fact, resolutions don’t work or succeed because you go back to your old habit(s) midway through the year. You don’t change. And, that’s how you end up wondering why you’re back at this same old resolution next year.

However, I do believe in goal setting. Instead of talking about making a change. Act on it.

Here’s some common resolutions:

  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking, drinking in excess
  • Find true love
  • Write a book

There’s nothing wrong with those things. They make you a better person if you succeed. But, the problem with resolutions is that they’re dull, and they go away as soon as the Second of January swings around.

The key to not failing every year is as follows:

  • Forget the Resolution
  • Create an Action Plan (small goals instead of giant ones)
  • Stay consistent
  • Don’t roll back into old habits because of set-backs
  • And focus on the internal changes, because the external changes are temporary. 

I’m going to pick on the weight loss resolution a bit, since my local Anytime Fitness wants to remind me it’s time to sign up for a membership.

Look, if you want to lose weight, you need more than a resolution, a number on the scale, or a diet. You need to prepare yourself mentally.

And, that takes longer than twenty-four hours and the giant disco ball sitting on top of a pole in NYC from touching down at the strike of midnight.

You need to come up with a plan of action, once you have that set, you need your team to keep you accountable (like family members), and so on.

My goal this year is to lose some weight. Cool beans, not a bad goal. How am I going to do that? I hope to lose weight by kickboxing and eating healthier.

So, what if I do those things for a month and I don’t see results? Do I quit and plan to do it all over again next year?

No, I’ll keep at it.

The key to succeeding at your goals is consistency even when results aren’t visible. It involves a bit of hope, a dash of optimism, and a lot of hard work. I don’t want to stop at just kickboxing and drinking more water and eating salads.

I want to make it a life long change. In fact, the goal of losing weight ends up being this lifestyle change, instead of a yearly promise.

Now, what happens when I start to see results after losing weight. Well, I need to maintain it. If I have to lose weight, that means I need to keep it off. Doing that is the hard part. Maintaining it, day after day, month after month. It doesn’t have to feel like a chore. But, it’s important to my health.

Finally, there’s this whole changing on the outside. People will notice the healthy new me. They’ll brag and ask me my secrets. And, then they’ll stop caring and life continues on. If my external motivation is gone, all I have is the internal.

I know my struggle and my success. So, this has to keep the fire burning. I might have to change-up my workout routine or try a new food to spice up my metabolism.

No matter what you do, whether you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape or write that sci-fi novel and publish it. Remember the five things mentioned above and you should succeed even if it takes longer than the year.

It’s the journey that matters more than the end result.