What to Do When You Lack Enthusiasm While Doing What You Love?


How many readers visited your site?

Just returned from a much-needed trip with nature up in the Carolinas. Once I got back, a very caring family member asked me the question mentioned above. At first, I took offense, and then I thought of a creative lie, finally, I told her the truth.

About 300 people viewed my site at the time. A small smirk grew on her lips. That’s how many I had the week I first started to blog…

Yeah, I know, thanks for the reminder.

The trip to the Carolinas taught me some things about myself and life. Everything is a lot slower, more calm. Nature does its thing and there’s no one around to judge it. A bird doesn’t ask a tree, oh, so you only sprouted three hundred leaves this week, hmpf. I digress

I lost my enthusiasm for writing, ***gasp***. That’s because I allowed someone’s opinion of what I’m doing ruin the fun I was having just creating, and getting my stuff out there.

So, my readers (if there are any) what should you do when you lose your enthusiasm for something you love?

  • Try something new, and come back to your first love, later
  • Be grateful for the fun times and stay positive during the sour times
  • Keep your original goal before you, and don’t stray from it
  • Don’t allow outsiders or your critical-inner voice to stamp out your dreams

I’ve applied two of the above already to rekindle my enthusiasm for writing. I started editing my sci-fi novel. I completed it last month. In the future, I’ll seek out beta readers. I’ve also remembered my original goals for The Life Major blog, and that’s to create content that helps every student or undecided majors feel successful without a college education.

It’s less than two weeks into the New Year, I just started blogging about a month ago. Three hundred views is better than nothing. And, it’s not about the views, it’s about the impact. If I can help one person feel better about their work and lot in life. Then, I did my job.

You don’t always need enthusiasm to do work you love. Sometimes work you love will feel like work. You may not want to drag yourself out of bed to do it some days. But, as long as you have an end goal in mind and a good reason for doing the work you love. Then, the enthusiasm will swing back around.

We’re humans, things change, comes and go, ebbs and flow. But, the goal is to keep moving forward no matter what.