10 Sad but True Things About Life after Graduating from College


You made it!

Whether you’re valedictorian or the kid who managed to barely pass human anatomy, congratulations, you’ve graduated from college.

Now that you’ve tossed your tassel onto the other side, and received your promissory note to mail a real diploma to your home address. You can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy your first summer vacation without a project, assignment, or paper that’s due.


This wouldn’t be The Life Major Blog, if that were true.

Because everyone knows that life does not end at your graduation ceremony. If that were the case ceremonies would be much shorter and sadder occasions.

No, you entered this thing called life. And, guess what?

Here’s what no one tells you about life after college:

  1. “They” can’t take your hard-earned knowledge away…, but they can garnish your wages and keep you living at home with mom and dad for maybe a decade or two.
  2. Your GPA is forgotten one week after your grad bash.
  3. All of the party chicks you knew in class are doing one of two things, taking hospital room maternity selfies or moving in with boyfriend number (insert number here).
  4. You stop questioning your purpose in life, at least until you get that first job.
  5. Once you get your first job, you start counting down the days til you retire or strike it rich.
  6. Your list of amazing things you were going to accomplish when you graduated suddenly looks like some psychotic kid’s Choose Your Adventure story.
  7. Sleep is going to be your closest friend, and the best thing is it can’t unfriend you.
  8. Your BFF’s are now people you dodge in public
  9. Your Engineering degree becomes a fancy new dust collector on the desk of your cubicle in your entry-level corporate level gig.
  10. You still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up…, and that’s okay!

If you experienced a different life after college. One that’s full of excitement and wonder, let me know in the comments below. I believe everyone has the power to change their future and outlook on life. College should teach you that you can pursue whatever goal you set your mind to. It should give you the tools to succeed in life. But, don’t expect your college experience to do that for you. Go out in the world, make your life the best it can be, with the knowledge you have.

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