Decide Now to Make Big Changes, Giant Leaps, and Massive Goals


Goals are talked about a lot. Whether you’re on a diet or trying to level-up in a video game. Without goals, there’s no meaning to getting up in the morning.

The most important thing about goals is not completing them. Anyone can complete a goal. When a woman gets pregnant, the goal is to pop out a kid. That goal is going to be accomplished one way or another. Even though that’s an extreme version of goal setting, it still has a point.

Sure, popping out a kid might be the most important part of a parent’s life. But, think about the journey to get that kid! I’m not going into specifics, but check out this new documentary called from Cradle to Grave on National Geographics and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The journey to completing a goal is what makes a goal so exciting and at times frustrating. Who doesn’t want to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams. Even if it means crawling under barbed wire and leaping across giant puddles of mud!

Instant gratification isn’t always gratifying. Slowly building something from the ground up is more gratifying. Think about it, if you were waiting for a rose bud to bloom would you try to force the petals open before they’re ready? NO! The same way you need to allow your creativity, product or ideas to cook, grow and expand before sharing them with the world.

Now, enough about children-making and flower petals.

Here’s the real skinny about this post.

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