The Life Major Way, A Manifesto – The ebook cover’s here!

the-life-major-way-ebook-cover-1 tlm-mock-up2

The Cover is here. Yes, it’s simple, clean, and looks a bit…, off?

That’s because I created it myself. I broke my own rules and created my own ebook cover. Maybe, I should leave this job to the professionals. I’d love to receive feedback.

Do you think this ebook could be better?

Want to show me that you can do a better job?

If you think your version of my cover makes mine looks like a kindergarten student’s project, then I may reconsider using the design above.

For now, the photo above is the cover for The Life Major Way, A Manifesto.

And, now for more good news…

Here’s your chance and opportunity to take a sneak peak at The Life Major Way, A Manifesto ebook. It’s only 28-Pages long and about 1,096 Words.

Sign up for The Life Major Exclusive and you’ll get a free copy of the ebook via email.

And, you can review and provide feedback, critiques, or if you’re feeling extra generous, a review for future readers.

Now that my ebook is on the verge of completion, I can get back to work, posting new posts and reading the blogs I follow!