Are You A Bad Person for Not Following Your Dreams & Keeping With Status Quo?


I have great respect and admire people who can work for a company, for 10+ years and not bash their head in with a brick at the end of every work day.

I clearly do not have the stamina or mindset to stay anywhere for longer than necessary. Don’t get me wrong, day jobs are important. They put food on the table. They keep your family from questioning you. And, they allow you to pursue other things.

But, what if you’re not a passion-seeker? Someone who’s looking for the next big thing to accomplish. What if you’re, gasp…, someone who wants to keep up with the status quo?

Are you a bad person?

Let’s think about it with kids (or adults) who like to color. Some people like to color inside of the lines, and match the colors with things true to nature. And, other people like to make the sky yellow and the sun blue. They may even scribble.

Which individual is in the wrong?

Doesn’t matter, coloring like most artistic activities are abstract and up to the creator to determine what’s important to them.

Same thing with a career or life-calling. You might not have a particular goal or idea of how you want life to unfold. You can see yourself being happy in a job for decades, just as long as you get your vacation time and health benefits. You don’t need to travel to Bangladesh, or buy a cabin in the woods to find your release yourself.

Does that mean you’re worthless or less than because you’re not coming up with a bestseller, a new product, or some fancy process?


You’re happy and content. You’re a good person as long as what you do makes you happy. And, if it wasn’t for the ones who followed status quo, we wouldn’t have those who like to take risks.

Society needs people to hold things together, while the extroverts (or introverts) network and come up with the ideas. Of course, anyone can become leaders. But, even leaders need a team to support them.

If your zen is keeping life as low-key as possible.

Then good for you.

And, no, you’re not a bad person for coloring inside the lines.


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