Defeating Your Comfort Zone, How? (Part 2)


If you read the first post, here’s the conclusion:

For The “Lazy” Comfort Zone:

Replace laziness with figuring out why you’re not motivated. Maybe, you know something you could be excelling at, but you’re stuck doing something less than noteworthy.

Find that one thing you live for.

Do some research about it.

Then, pursue it.

You’ll discover another layer to yourself. Even if it’s something as small as changing your daily routine, and breaking old habits.

For The “Scared-y” Comfort Zone:

Grow a thick skin. Dip your toes in the water, don’t just plunge in (yet).

If you want to pursue something, say like writing. Start with the safety of your own blog, make it private, then wade into the deeper pools by doing free articles on sites like HubPages.

And once you gain some confidence and you get past the first “nasty” comment, pursue more challenging tasks; such as guest posting, writing a novella, or publishing your bestseller.

For The “Fed-Up” Comfort Zone:

Use your fire and tenacity to up the ante.

Move up, not sideways. Find something you’ve always wanted to do. Find out how to get to that point. And, start traveling. Ignore the urge to slow down. Get off the wheel and start on your stairs.

Don’t allow your comfort zone to keep you pigeon-holed. I write fiction. But, I dabbled in non-fiction and learned I like it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing or working on becoming the CEO of some big company, keep moving forward, and don’t get comfortable.