Hate Your Comfort Zone? Me Too! (Part 1)


Hate is a strong word.

What’s wrong with being in your comfort zone? You know what’s going on. You have an advantage, because as long as everything stays constant you don’t need to change.

But being in the comfort zone is like eating sushi without soy sauce, pickled ginger, and a pea-sized amount of wasabi.

It’s so boring!

Yesterday, I posted a blog about being okay with staying in your comfort zone as long as it makes you happy.

Today, I’m here to write about why you don’t want to stay in that comfort zone.

Florida is a really big state.

Tampa Bay is a really big city.

I’ve driven past Tampa more than I’ve visited it, and I live twenty minutes outside of Tampa. So, not only have I lived in my comfort zone. It looks like I might end up dying there.

But, I did something different, I decided to actually visit Tampa (and not for just the Amelie Arena). But do something there. I discovered a great restaurant, made some new friends, and got to see the Bay up close.

I started thinking about it. I liked leaving my comfort zone.

Escaping my comfort zone is the entire reason why I started blogging.

In college, I wrote in secret, but never shared my work. I feared being judged.

But, here I am twenty-nine blog posts later.

Little by little, I stepped out of my comfort zone. Just like I did with my “locational” comfort zone.

There are three levels of comfort: The Lazy Zone, The Scared-y Zone, and The Fed-Up Zone

The Lazy Zone: 

This comfort zone is the most common. It doesn’t mean you’re physically lazy (though you could be). You might have a healthy routine. But, it also means you’re not willing to take risks, because meh, why bother? The lazy zone is for the driven but to a certain degree type of person.

A good example would be someone who works hard, saves up for retirement, and hope to sit back and enjoy the fruitage of their labor. There’s no need to carve their name in stone. They don’t mind if they’re not remembered after their gone. Just as long as their needs are met. This zone is for the complacent, but comfortable.

Again, nothing wrong with being lazy, if you’re happy. Just think about the legacy that might have been if you pursued life outside of your current box.

The Scared-y Zone: 

This version of a comfort zone is for the doubters, the ones who sprint’s towards the edge of a cliff, but stop just short of leaping. This zone doesn’t have anything to do with being courageous. It’s about allowing fear to stifle creativity and your dreams. You don’t mind watching other people pursue their goals. In fact, deep inside you want to be them.

I can relate to this zone. My biggest fear is seeing a negative comment directed at one of my posts. Ironically, the one post I poured my heart out in, ended up being targeted by a negative commenter. Did I give up on my dream of writing, slam the door on my hopes because someone decided to make me their virtual punching bag?


Being afraid is a waste of time and energy. No one ever escaped being mauled by a wild animal by screaming in terror.

The Fed-Up Zone: 

I was born and raised in this zone. I wore this zone like a badge. I was fed-up. Fed-up with high school, so I transferred to a charter school on a college campus. Fed-up with college. So I worked a full-time corporate job. Fed-up with working full-time so I started pursuing my goals of writing.

Now, the fed-up zone is a tricky one. You think you’re striving for better things, but you’re a hamster, that just chugged a can of Red Bull, before hopping on your wheel.

You’re making all these great plans, and you have huge aspirations. But, you’re moving in a lateral direction. It’s like walking along a platform instead of climbing stairs.

Another personal story, I want to be a writer (no dip). So I started blogging, taking an online class, and I took off with great ideas, high hopes, and dreams for my blog.

The flames started to fizzle. I shrunk back from doing good work. I put my focus into my day-job and writing on the back burner. All of my great posts seemed stupid. Around the same time, I received a pretty crummy comment on one of my articles.

See where I’m going with this one? You start out strong, and you fizzle out like a weak sparkler.

These 3 Comfort Zones aren’t the only ones. Just like a Sleep Number bed, there are more levels. But, these 3 are the most common. In my next article, I’ll explain how to counter them.



  1. Hi There! I can so relate to your post. I can very well see glimpses of me in the words that you’ve written… It’s beautiful… Looking forward to reading more of it!


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