What You Should Be BEFORE You Grow Up?


When I Grow Up…

I wanted to be everything from a vet to a biomedical engineer. In high school, when it became time for me to choose a major, I froze. The problem wasn’t a lack of motivation; I was enrolled in college and high school simultaneously. And I wasn’t barred from attending college; I had a free ride.

My problem was an abundance of options plus the fear of being pigeon-holed.

You see, I loved science and excelled at English, but I wanted to make good money, start a family, live comfortably, and travel (not all in that order).

Most doctors-to-be don’t have time for themselves, let alone a family, so that job was out of the question.

And, not a lot of writers make big bucks early in their career, though it’s not impossible.

What mattered to me most was having time and funds to do what I love.

You probably feel the same way.

When it comes to being all grown up you have to make tough decisions about your family, social, financial, and personal lifestyle.

What then is the most important thing you can be before you grow up?


I’m not going to bore you with self-affirmation and goal-setting techniques. The Internet is full of those. I’m sure, I have a post somewhere about those things anyway. What you do need to find out is what makes you, you.

Finding yourself means more than just finding out what you like and dislike.

It’s about doing the uncomfortable. And, then sharing it with others.

When you grow up, other aspects of life gets in the way of your primary mission on this planet. Some may try to persuade you to treat the thing you love as a hobby. Others think you should keep it to yourself.

At the end of the day, when you put the things you care about the most on the back-burner, you end up feeling emotional and physical pain.

I did.

When I graduated from high school, I worked as a claims assistant at an insurance company, and I wrote fiction on the side. I never published a single piece of work. One day, I had an argument with a family member, and I vowed never to write again, not fiction or on my old blog at the time.

For an entire year, I stifled my gift, my passion.

Guess what happened, next?

I lacked the motivation to get up in the morning. I received a paycheck, but it was meaningless. Bad days at work became horrible days at home. And, when I tried to pick up a pen (or use my laptop), I stared at a blank page, teary-eyed.

Eventually, I said: ENOUGH!

Things finally turned around when I got fired from my first day-job, I started writing again. Self-published an E-book, and learned that people loved my work.

I tell you this story not to brag or boast. I’m still struggling with the writing and following my passion thing. I just stopped allowing others and myself to stop me from being what I want to become.

Don’t allow people to tell you what you should be when you grow up.

Find out for yourself.

Intern in your dream career. Ask professionals what are they doing that you can try. Just don’t stay stagnant. Because no one wants to grow up and realize they haven’t accomplished anything.

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