10 Things People-Pleasers Do That Annoys The Rest of The Universe (I Sorry)

Credit: NASA

People-pleasers are not butt-kissers. We are a group of people who just want to make you happy. In exchange for providing you with happiness, we hope to be rewarded, acknowledged, loved, adored, and the list goes on.

People-pleasers make life easier for the impatient, easily angered, and at times rude individuals around the world. But, People-pleasures do things that annoy the rest of the universe as well.

As a people-pleaser, I am not speaking out on behalf of all people-pleasers, only the ones that are okay with me telling everyone about the annoying things we do (sometimes without knowing it):

  1. We apologize even if it was your fault because we just want to keep the peace.
  2. We’re willing to help you get ahead in life even if it means you need to step on us in order to level up.
  3. It’s okay if we didn’t get a raise this time around, we’re going to work harder even if it means squeezing blood from a turnip
  4. Did you just spend all your money? Here take some of mine, I’ll get a loan.
  5. Oh man, it looks like you’re having some issues that you could pay someone else to fix. I bet I can do it for free.
  6. You don’t really like-like me, you just want to be friends, but continue to use me emotionally? That’s great!
  7. You’re a dog person. OMG me, too! No, wait, you like cats? I adore cats!
  8. Am I bothering you by being in your presence? I’m so, so sorry, just see 1, again.
  9. Oh, we’re arguing? I thought we were having a one-sided screaming contest.
  10. I’m not that great of a human being? Oh, I’ll try to conform to your mold of what you want me to be.

In a nutshell, if you’re reading this and cringing a little bit, you might need therapy.

If it made you laugh, great, I’m so glad, I can make you happy 😀