FREE E-Book: 3 Reasons Why You Need A(nother) Free One


Hello, my favorite Life Major readers! For Months, I’ve been working on an e-book to distribute to people who felt like me:

For Months, I’ve been working on an e-book to distribute to people who felt like me:

  • Disgruntled about attending college for a degree that promises little to nothing after graduation.
  • Unhappy with the idea that they have to shell out money for knowledge when life experience gives you knowledge for free.
  • And ashamed and guilty for pursuing a path different from the ones everyone else lined out for us.


Here are the three major reasons why I’m giving you The Life Major Way, A Manifesto for free.

  1. It’s a Quick Read: I have a full-time job, family responsibilities, and a life. You do too! So, you may not have time to curl up by a warm cozy fire and read a 300-page self-help book. Don’t worry at 28 – pages you can finish it before Beyoncé & Jay-Z have their twins.
  2. Did I Mention FREE?:  I have a motto that I stole from a friend and it’s “If it is free, it’s for me”. I love free ebooks, even if they end up collecting cyber dust on my Kindle. But, think about how handy they are while you’re at the DMV, or waiting in line at the grocery store while the lady with the crying kid is counting coupons…, I digress. And you get the point!
  3. It’s Not Just Another Marketing Piece (sort of): I’m going to be transparent. I want you to get a free e-book by signing up for The Life Major Exclusive. You’re missing out on tips and tricks for surviving life after college, weekly blog post updates, and freebies. And, on top of everything else, you’ll be the first to see exclusive posts that I don’t publish on WordPress, Medium, or anywhere else online.

So, I created this e-book as an appetizer. I’d like you to read it. Think about it. Sleep on it. Don’t miss out. I will share so much more about The Life Major Way, A Manifesto if you join the mailing list below:



Don’t worry, we’re still cool if you don’t sign up, though. Just keep checking out The Life Major Blog for the latest and greatest. New posts are coming in every week.

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