How is Writing like Kickboxing?


I’ve been kickboxing since 2014, at first I did it to relieve stress, then I started losing weight. I received an influx of compliments, and then a few months later… I quit.

Now, it’s 2017, and I’m back at kickboxing. I try to go every day. And, I’m getting stronger, happier and healthier.

Kickboxing is one of my favorite high-intensity interval training workouts, and it reminds me of yet another high-intensity mentality training workout: writing.

How you might ask is writing anything like kickboxing?

You Suck at First:

I started kickboxing as a desk jockey, who ate fast food for lunch and dinner, and only walked when it was time to leave the day-job. Not to mention, I had enough stress to keep my dumpster filled with empty bottles of Moscato.

I needed hardcore therapy to work out my frustration with the day-job and to improve my self-esteem. So, I hopped on, found a kickboxing studio near my home, and started attending classes. My first day working out: I wanted to die, but my body wouldn’t allow me to. At the end of my 45-minutes, I was tired and yet accomplished.

Writing the first draft sucks. Your first book (might) suck, too. But, like most muscles that have never been used before, once you challenge yourself, you start to notice a difference. I like to compare my drafts from the ones I wrote in sixth grade to the ones I write now. No comparison! I can see a bit more quality to my writing and I feel stronger every day.

You Feel Out of Place:

I didn’t belong at the kickboxing studio. I was short and round. The trainers were (and still are) ripped. The students were all lanky and flexible. I worked out in the back of the studio. I didn’t want anyone to see me. But, around my third month, I showed up, did my workout, and left, without shame.

Aspiring writers may feel out-of-place, at first. I’m not even talking about comparing yourself to a major league author like Stephen King. Even if your writing peers have thousands of readers and you have roughly 145 readers, you may feel inadequate and that writing is a waste of time.

Don’t let being uncomfortable keep you from doing what you love. Besides, being uncomfortable gets old very quickly, and soon you’ll feel like a pro.

Everyone Notices Your Success & Failures:

In kickboxing, I gave one hundred percent the first six months. I dropped twenty pounds. And, I was giving other people workout advice. I even invited friends. And, everyone complimented me.

It got to my head.

I told myself, I didn’t need to work out anymore. I wasn’t going to gain the weight back. Ha! Joke’s on me. Let’s just say I had to hit reset and I felt guilty about going back to the gym after taking a three-month hiatus. But, the coaches still supported me, even though I looked like a chicken nugget in gym clothes.

Writing is about trial and error. Some days you’re on fire, readers are cheering you on. Other days you feel like you should just delete your manuscript, throw away your laptop, and burn your library card. Before committing arson, consider this…

Do It For You:

I started kickboxing again. I missed my workout friends. And, I wanted my happiness and confidence back, which came with punching a bag.

Writing should be for you. Writing as you advance your techniques and gain experiences should still be for you. There will be projects when you need to write for your audience, but don’t forget the core reasons why you write.

Write for Therapy

Write for Self-Love

Write for Sadness

Write for Humor

Write for Spirituality

Write for You


No matter what you do in life, writing will not matter if you’re not focused on how it makes you feel.

I’m not a kickboxing expert. And, I’m definitely not a writing expert. I just do both because it makes me happy. And, what could be more important in life than being healthy, happy, and a writer?

Speaking of Writing…

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