E-book Launch: The Life Major Way, A Manifesto



Since December 2016, I created an e-book that puts into words how I felt about being a college student unable to decide on a major that would determine how successful I’d be for the rest of my life. I’m proud to say I managed to put my thoughts into a succinct, 28-page e-book called The Life Major Way, A Manifesto.

While searching for early readers, I stumbled across a Quora commenter that complained about the length of my e-book. I don’t blame them. I made it short on purpose.

The typical graduate (and undecided) student does not have time to read a three-hundred-page manifesto when there are classes, jobs, and families to tend to.

This e-book shares the reasons why I’m fed-up with the idea that you need a degree to succeed.

I have a degree. I know I’d be successful without it.

But, I want you to have this same confidence that you can succeed without a degree, too. If you’re willing to work hard and ask yourself these questions:

Are you tired of hiding your true feelings from others about attending college?

If you’re not attending college to enrich your life or become an expert, then why are you going?

Do you really need a piece of paper to give you permission to follow your passion? 

The answers to the above questions are found in my e-book. And, they’re yours, free of charge.

Your future is determined by the decisions you make, NOW.

Not by your parents,

Your teachers,

Or your alma mater.

You can decide on a major that goes beyond four years at an institution.

You’re not undecided anymore.

And, I hope my e-book will give you the initial push you need to pursue what really matters to you.

So, what do you need to do?

Simple, right?

And, if nothing resonates with you then this e-book wasn’t for you.

But, if you feel something. Don’t just stop at a feeling.Take action.

And, don’t panic. I’ll help you. Because one thing I always hated about attending college: no one tells you HOW to actually become a successful person who’s passionate about their life’s work. They just expected you to figure it out (and pay them for it).

I’m figuring it out every day. And, I’ll share my findings with you during the course of my journey through life.

So, what do you think?

Ready to take on The Life Major Way?