You Might Be a Writer If…. [List]


Back in the day, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy had this somewhat funny “You Might Be A Redneck…” skit. If you remember, you plug in some truths that only people who understood would get, and usually, they were funny. I have nothing against rednecks, but I do know something about being a writer.

I have nothing against rednecks, but I do know something about being a writer.

Check out the 21 things that prove you might be a writer.

You Might Be a Writer If…

  1. You skip lunch at work to write a post about being a writer.
  2. You’re failing a college class because you decided to plot out a storyline for your latest sci-fi/romance instead of doing homework.
  3. You have a waterproof writing pad and magic marker with you in the shower, just in case you have a great plot idea.
  4. You chose solitude and a laptop over a weekend with your friends.
  5. Your significant other doesn’t want to be your proofreader anymore.
  6. You fall asleep with the characters of your novel in your head so that you can have vivid dreams about them.
  7. Your pet shakes their head in disgust while you’re editing for the 5th time your manuscript for the future bestseller you plan to pitch.
  8. You already wrote 50k for NaNoWriMo as of Nov. 1st.
  9. You’re willing to get your feelings hurt when it’s time to have someone else do the editing.
  10. Your idea of a vacation is somewhere near wi-fi, a charger, and maybe a glass of wine
  11. You think you write better after a few glasses of wine (or beer).
  12. You can see that your main character’s eyes should be sea-glass green and not periwinkle blue.
  13. You get annoyed when it’s time to wake up to go to your day job.
  14. You’ve got more unedited manuscripts than you do money in your bank account.
  15. You write more than you read, even though you feel guilty that you’re not reading more.
  16. You take cat naps in between writing sessions because you might need to add one more thing.
  17. You are late to bed and early to rise and extremely exhausted when the activity you’re doing has nothing to do with writing.
  18. You forgot to shower, brush your teeth, and change out of your sweats.
  19. You already know who’s going to play your main character in the SyFy TV scripted version of your novel
  20. You were told by more than one person that writers don’t make money writing, and yet you decide not to listen.
  21. You actually clicked on this list to see if any of the above resonate with you.

Let me know if you agree with the above. Want to keep the list going? Add some more You Might Be a Writer If… comments below. Don’t forget to get your free copy of the Life Major Way, because, you know, I’m a writer, it’s a book, and I’d like for you to read it!

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