Audiobook Review: The Millennial Way by Declan Wilson

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Disclaimer: I wasn’t asked, paid, or told to create a review of this audiobook. I will say that I received a free Audible version of this book and I’m glad that I did. Hope you enjoy. 

I really like self-help books, because they contain practical advice and common sense. And, sometimes they give you a good kick in the pants if you find yourself in a rut or just not sure where to step next.

The Millennial Way by Declan Wilson brought up some things that resonated with me, that I definitely wanted to share with other readers. While I won’t give away every aspect of the book, I will mention what I enjoyed:

The Narrator:

Zachery Johnson narrated the audible version of this e-book. Of course, he has a great speaking voice, otherwise he probably wouldn’t have been given the gig, however, he has a conversational style of speaking that comes off as straightforward, witty, and sarcastic when it needs to be. He doesn’t make you feel talked down to, like when being scolded by a parent. And, he’s not just rambling words off the page. You’re engaged to the words as if reading them aloud yourself.

 Very Quick Read:

I listened to the entire book in less than a few hours during the work day. I was concerned that the e-book would distract me while I handled business as usual. But, ironically, it motivated me to do a better job and it eased my stress levels the same way listening to my favorite stations on Pandora radio would do.

Declan Wilson is a Real Person Like You & Me:

Most writers when they have a large following, a bunch of products, and a formula that can help you go from a dollarnaire to a millionaire in four quick and easy steps write as if their lifestyle is the norm. It’s not. What I mean is once they’ve “made it”, the smoke and mirrors disappear. They’re no longer on the same level as you, though they may try to be by using words like “us” and “we”. But, The Millennial Way is written with Declan’s truth and isn’t that the real reason why anyone picks up a book to read it? To find out the author’s truth.

He’s a new father, a devoted husband, and a hard worker. You would’ve never known he came from an analytical background such as engineering if he didn’t mention it in his book. He knows what it feels like to be stuck, getting unstuck, and trudging through life to reach your goal whatever it may be.

The Real Life Interviews:

I don’t want to give away the individuals or their stories, get the audiobook. But, the interviews made me believe that hey they can do it, maybe I can do it. Some of the interviewed individuals dealt with issues that I’m dealing with now, such as fear of creating work that’s meaningful and matters to them, or family members not being supportive because they don’t see the big picture, yet. The Millennial Way weaves their stories into the narrative of the book so well, that the book would be empty without them.

One Unforgettable Part That I Enjoyed:

When the author described his parents’ struggles while he was young. It touched my heart. Parents want their children to do better than them, that’s why good parents put their children’s livelihood and goals ahead of their own. But, when the author emphasized that his parents’ dreams were fulfilled in a way; since neither the author nor his sibling went without the basic necessities of life, it drove the point home for me.

When you’re doing good at life, that’s because someone helped you get to where you are, whether it’s a parent or mentor and their goal in life was probably to help see you succeed. That’s where gratitude comes into play.

I recommend this audiobook. Check out Declan Wilson’s website or get the book here! Sign up for the mailing list. And, get a copy of The Millennial Way. Even if you don’t think this book is for you because of the title, consider reading it anyway, you might pick up something meaningful. I sure did!

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