6 Signs You’re In a Rut (Part 1)



What’s a Rut?

Boredom. That’s what a rut is. You do something so much that it loses its meaning. Being stuck in a rut stinks, especially when you know that the work you do suddenly annoys you.

So, what are the six signs you might be in a rut?

1. Everything Simple Becomes More Difficult Than It Should Be:

Allow me to explain, remember when you first started your day-job and you were eager to learn, devour information, and put it into action. When you’re in a rut, checking your inbox, and seeing a slew of emails makes you feel down and overwhelmed. That spunky attitude you had when you first started your day-job fades into oblivion.

2. Other People’s Success Aggravates You:

Hearing that your best friend was promoted to a new department might be a chance to cheer, and get drinks after work. But, when you’re stuck, you get ticked off when someone else frees themselves from a situation you loathe. This could lead to jealousy, even though you know the other person deserved their success.

3. Motivation is at Zilch:

This goes hand-in-hand with #1. If you’re not motivated to do a simple task, how can you be motivated to do more difficult and routine tasks? Motivation is important to propelling you into action, and if you’re not active, you’re falling behind.

4. Mind over Mattress:

I stole this subtitle from a good friend. Your mind is stuck. You’re mattress, sofa, futon, or chair becomes your best friend. Sleep is good. And, napping is healthy. But, overdoing it because you’re dealing with this “rut” thing can lead to more serious health diseases, namely depression, and fatigue.

5. Everything’s Done in the Exact Same Way:

You take the same routes to and from work. You eat the same sandwich at your desk while checking Facebook (guilty). And, you avoid your co-workers until the work day is over. Let’s just say that you’ve either got underlying issues or you’re just not happy where you are.

6. There’s No Reason to Keep Working on Your Assignment:

If you’re not productive, then you’re not producing quality work. You block is caused by something, and it makes you so not creative. I think writers that experience writer’s block are stuck, and there are plenty of bloggers who believe that too! Either they don’t trust their work will reach anyone or they’re just not sure what to do with their writing. If you stop enjoying the work you do. Then, every assignment will feel so dull and drawn out.

It’s not over yet!

This post is just part one of a two-part series about being stuck in a rut. If these sound like you in any way you can always respond below and tell me if you’re stuck. There’s plenty of individuals who are stuck. Myself included. And, sometimes a change in perspective is needed. My next blog post will cover how to counter the above-mentioned signs, and put a positive spin on things.

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  1. As a sahm it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, going through the same routines everyday. I always try to mix it up by going somewhere new or even little things like trying new recipes. And toddlers don’t let you nap, so no chance of getting too attached to my mattress. Lol.

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