The Cure for Writer’s Block Is…

pexels-photo-208459.jpegWriters write. And, authors produce work that is sold or given away to readers for knowledge or entertainment. Everyone at some point experiences the dread of the blank screen, the fear of producing work for the public, and every writer’s favorite topic: writer’s block.

I’m experiencing it, 5 days into my 100 day blogging challenge. I ran out of ideas, though they seemed to be flowing at a fast pace before I started the challenge. Now, I feel like a high school student dealing with procrastination before a big report that’s due.

So, if I were to treat this as a symptom of being a writer, surely, there’s a cure. The known cure to writer’s block is tricky because it’s different for everyone, whether you’ve been writing for decades or you just decided to pick up a pen.

Here is the cure to writer’s block, no need for a drum roll, because you know the answer. Write.

That’s it, just start writing.

Funny, you probably want to smash your computer against the wall or something. But, think about it, when you’re having a crummy day at the day-job, and you’ve got deadlines to meet do you:

A) Quit because you don’t have the motivation or will to continue working.

B) Trudge through the issues at the day-job because you want your paycheck.

I think most people would just trudge through the issues. So, why should you allow writer’s block to stop you from doing what you’ve been doing; writing.

Writer’s block can be cured by:

  • Reading other blog posts about writers and how they conquered their block.
  • Find out if there are some emotional things going on that’s causing you to stop writing regularly; stress, fear, exhaustion.
  • Give one project a break, start on a separate project, and then return to your first piece of work once your mind is free and clear.
  • If you write fiction, try writing non-fiction or personal essays. If you write non-fiction dabble in writing a novella or short story.
  • Take a shower, something about steam being cleared up after said shower, seems to clear the mental fog as well.
  • Focus on writing for yourself. Take away external pressures such as readers and stats, and write what you like.

If you still experience writer’s block after trying all of these different remedies, consider reading a book or two and taking a break from writing. When, you read other people’s work, something inside of you starts to flicker, and then your writer’s block becomes writing fever, and that’s an entirely different disease that needs its own remedy. To get you started on a book to read, check out my manifesto, The Life Major Way, A Manifesto.

If you have tips for curing writer’s block, I’d love to hear from you below!

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