Reflections: Ideas Are Like Shadows


Hello Fellow Life Majors,

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve got less than forty-five minutes to post a new article today.

You see my internet went down this afternoon. I don’t know why. So around this evening, I took a brief five-minute catnap to give the internet time to fix itself. Because, you know, I’m a writer, not an internet repair-chick or something like that.

As I awakened around 11 p.m. I realized that blogging is tedious, and mentally draining. But, this Challenge that I placed on myself is teaching me how to be consistent with my blog posts and to not give up.

I assumed it would be easy, just pull some random idea out of my head every morning and complete a story by nightfall.

But, that’s not how ideas work.

Ideas are like shadows on the side of your line of vision. You thought you saw one, then when you turn your head, nothing! TWEET THIS!

So, this very brief post is proof that after 7 days of this Blogging Challenge; my idea well runneth dry! And, my network provider, who I will not be naming…, are out to sabotage me.

Anyway, I’m not going to end this post on a negative note: today my friend who swore to never have kids discovered she is having a baby girl and not the baby boy of her dreams. And, she and her hubby are still ecstatic. And, I’m going to be the best auntie ever!




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