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ipad-book-coverThe Life Major Way, A Manifesto is the foundation on which The Life Major blog is built upon.

This 28-Page read was created to help you see that there is life and you can be successful without a college degree, a major, or an alma mater.

Times have changed. And, those who are pursuing college and hoping to enter the workforce without the necessary skills to succeed will be in for a huge surprise.

Don’t be surprised. And, the fact that you’re on this blog now proves that you weren’t surprised either.

I’m just an unimpressed undergrad giving away a free e-book that explains why I am not college-bound, college-ready, or happy with the idea of making people pay for their education.

If you’re a self-directed learner, creative, and a hard worker, you can succeed without a degree, and this e-book can motivate you to keep going.

My Motto Is: Don’t Allow Life to Get in the Way of Living. Keep Your Life in Focus.

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